Surge Pro


Blended Plant Nutrients

SURGE PRO is a dynamic blend of water-soluble plant nutrients designed to elevate overall plant health and yields. This enricher is ingeniously formulated into a powder that can be conveniently mixed into a stock concentrate for dosing systems or directly incorporated into feed reservoirs. Tailored for commercial cultivation systems, SURGE PRO not only provides a potent boost to your plants but also ensures the smooth functioning of your irrigation systems without clogging lines and emitters. Experience the next generation of plant care with SURGE PRO, your trusted companion for optimal plant growth.

Pesticide testing conforms to Health Canada guidelines on Cannabis production. Heavy Metal, Coliform, and Salmonella conforms to levels mandated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

SIZES AVAILABLE: 1 lbs / 454g and 10 lbs / 4.54kg



Surge Pro's powerful blend of supplements synergistically stimulates plant growth, resulting in impressive increases in yield quantity and quality.

Provides essential nutrients and beneficial compounds, promoting robust plant development, stress resistance, and overall vitality.

Seamlessly integrates into preferred cultivation systems, whether using stock concentrates or feed reservoirs, offering convenience and flexibility.


Fulvic acid helps increase nutrient uptake by changing salts into a more bioavailable form.

Amino acids helps improve metabolic processes and facilitates the transportation of nutrients.

Carbohydrates provide extra energy to the plant and helps increase BRIX production.

Frequently Asked Surge Pro Questions (FAQ)

What are the optimal storing conditions for Surge Pro to maintain its effectivness?
A: Store sealed in a cool and dry area. The product may clump over time if not properly stored but this will not affect the performance.
Q: How long is my stock solution / reservouir good for when using Dosaline products?
A: Depending on your water quality and storage conditions, we recommend to use up a stock solution within 2-3 weeks of preparation as mold may grow in the solution. Generally, the mold is harmless to your plants however, over time, it may clog your lines and emitters. 

We do not recommend adding hydrogen peroxide to the stock solution to control growth as it may precipitate the iron contained in the blend.

Q: Can I mix Surge Pro at the same time as my Dosaline Base / Bloom / Grow?
A: No, Never mix Surge Pro in the same stock tank with Dosaline Base, Grow or Bloom; nutrient fallout will occur.
Q: At what stage in the plant cycle should I use Surge Pro?
A: Surge Pro can be used in the vegetative and flowering stages of the plant cycle. Follow our feed charts for recommended weights and frequencies.

Looking for more answers? Check out our comprehensive FAQ section for a broader range of information about our products and services.

Perfect For Automatic
Fertigation Systems

The Dosaline line is compatible with most popular fertilizer injection systems. Our ingredients are handpicked to prevent any clogging in irrigation lines and emitters.

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