Why choose Dosaline?

Compared to other powdered brands, higher stock concentrations can be quickly mixed in cold water. Without the need to heat your water, reduced mixing time and longer lasting stock solutions, commercial operations will save countless hours of labor. 

Unlike other brands that discourage mixing in small amounts directly into your reservoir, the Dosaline system is flexible as the grower is able to mix any amount of powder to create the desired volume of a nutrient solution. 

Dosaline powders have been formulated to a particle size of 1mm to ensure increased solubility and reduce particle segregation. This consistency in size reduces the chance of spikes in nutrient levels or deficiencies, which results in reliable yields. 

While other powdered fertilizer brands skyrocket their sulfur levels and lose solubility because of potassium sulfate, the Dosaline line uses potassium nitrate as it’s primary source to boost potassium. This will ensure that your sulfur levels remain at optimal levels.

Pesticide testing conforms to Health Canada guidelines on Cannabis production. Heavy Metal, Coliform, and Salmonella conforms to levels mandated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Where can I buy Dosaline?

Dosaline is available through Future Harvest distributors across Canada, United States, and United Kingdom. For hobby growers, you may purchase Dosaline through any Future Harvest retailer or online at www.futureharvest.com.

Is Dosaline compatible with commercial grow operations?

Yes, DOSALINE is a nutritionally complete, water soluble, 2-Part fertilizer system to be used in both commercial and hobby grows. Ideal for mixing stock solutions for use with any fertilizer injection system. It's fine powder makes it easy to mix and results in higher stock tank concentrations. 

Is Dosaline Organic?

No. Dosaline is a mineral based fertilizer line that focuses on low levels of toxic heavy metals. Our line is pesticide free, allergen free and vegan friendly. 

How do I properly store Dosaline?

We recommend to store Dosaline products in a cool, dark, and dry place. Always make sure to seal it properly to avoid contamination and keep it away from high temperatures. Dosaline powders may clump over time but this will not affect the performance of the product.

Is Dosaline safe to use in a Deep Water Culture?

Yes, Dosaline is the perfect product for all deep water culture systems. 

How long is a stock solution good for?

Depending on your water quality and storage conditions, we recommend to use up a stock solution within 2-3 weeks of preparation as mold may grow in the solution. Generally, the mold is harmless to your plants however, over time, it may clog your lines and emitters. 

We do not recommend adding hydrogen peroxide to the stock solution to control growth as it may precipitate the iron contained in the blend.

Still have additional questions?

Please leave us a message and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.