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Hypochlorous Acid Formula

Dosaline Hypo, powered by our signature Hypochlorous Acid Formula, revolutionizes hydroponic systems. The unique properties of our Hypochlorous Acid Formula ensure clean irrigation lines and emitters, free from excess salts. With Dosaline Hypo, maximize plant nutrition, prolong equipment lifespan, and prioritize safety. Our user-friendly formula allows effortless application – simply add the Hypochlorous Acid directly to your hydroponic system. Embrace environmental consciousness with this eco-friendly solution. Experience the power of Dosaline Hypo and unlock your hydroponic system’s full potential today.

SIZES AVAILABLE: 10L / 2.6 US gal (10kg / 22lbs) and 20L / 8 US gal (10kg / 44lbs)



Dosaline Hypo ensures precise nutrient dosage, promoting healthy growth and higher quality produce.

Prevents salt and mineral deposits, reducing clogs and corrosion, saving time and money on maintenance.

Safe for plants, humans, and pets when used as directed. Safety is our top concern.

Simply add Hypochlorous Acid to your hydroponic system. No special equipment or procedures needed.

Reducing the need for harsh chemicals and supporting a greener future.

Frequently Asked Hypochlorous Acid Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the common name for hypochlorous acid?
A: Hypochlorous acid is commonly known as HOCl.
Q: Is hypochlorous acid just bleach?
A: No, hypochlorous acid is not the same as bleach. Although they both have disinfectant properties, hypochlorous acid is a milder and safer alternative to bleach.
Q: Is hypochlorous acid safe for skin?
A: Yes, hypochlorous acid is safe for skin. In fact, it is naturally produced by our white blood cells to fight off pathogens. It is gentle on the skin, non-irritating, and does not cause dryness. It is commonly used in skincare products for its antimicrobial properties.
Q: Can Dosaline Hypo be used in conjunction with other hydroponic nutrients?
A: Absolutely! Dosaline Hypo is compatible with most hydroponic nutrient solutions. Simply add it to your regular feeding regimen to ensure clean lines and optimal nutrient delivery.

Looking for more answers? Check out our comprehensive FAQ section for a broader range of information about our products and services.

Perfect For Automatic
Fertigation Systems

The Dosaline line is compatible with most popular fertilizer injection systems. Our ingredients are handpicked to minimize any clogging in irrigation lines and emitters.

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